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              Formerly known as Xining Runchen Trading Co., Ltd., Anhui Hengtuo Machinery Co., Ltd. moved to Hefei, Anhui in 18 years due to business expansion needs. The company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production and sales of furnace demolition machines, unpacking machines, spray repair machine parts and maintenance, large-scale construction machinery overall contracting, and drill rod reaming heads for furnace demolition machines. There are six branches and offices in the country and about 70 employees. Which has three engineers, more than ten senior technicians, dozens of skilled maintenance personnel. Under the jurisdiction of production and sales department and technical service department, the production and sales department designs and sells reaming heads, drill rods, and technical service departments. service,. After more than ten years of experience in serving large-scale enterprises and its own technical advantages, the Technical Service Department has concluded a new set of construction machinery production maintenance service solutions, which professionally solves furnace demolition machines, unpackers, spray repair machines, and loaders for large enterprises , Forklifts, excavators, slag pushers, bulldozers, cranes and other equipment have high failure rates, high use costs, high spare parts capital occupation, cumbersome management and other problems. After adopting our solution, the production vehicle failure rate will be 0. Overall The cost is reduced by at least 10-30%, the spare parts inventory is 0, and the management labor cost is reduced by 90%. We successfully promoted this solution to Baosteel Special Steel, Shaoguan Iron and Steel, Xining Special Steel, Fujian Sansteel, Quanzhou Minguang, Guangdong Yuegang, Yunnan Desheng Steel, Rizhao Steel, Tianjin Iron Works, Lanbei Port Authority and other enterprises , With excellent maintenance quality, advanced maintenance programs, superior service attitude has won high praise from users, and a win-win situation for the company and customers!


              A complete process solution provider for construction machinery operation! In March, you will solve a series of problems such as high maintenance costs, high failure rates, chaotic management, low vehicle attendance, and high spare parts inventory for your construction machinery. Paid for the effect, invalid for three months for free! Welcome domestic and foreign large industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, aluminum plants, iron and steel plants, copper-iron-aluminum ore, call consultation and negotiation!











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